miércoles, 19 de enero de 2022

#428 - Keeper Of The Pearls


NEW! :: ANTAYA :: Mermaid face & body scales - Velour colors (Dark Elf) @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! _-FAS-_  WEBBED HANDS @Chronicles & Legends


::Loa:: Azath Eyes 

~ Cynefin ~ Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail 


:: ANTAYA :: Top "Misteria"

:: ANTAYA :: Bracelets "Misteria" 


NEW! [JANGKA] ATLANA Headdress 01 @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! Partners in Crime - Narissa's Ear Cuffs {Ocean} @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! Bliensen + MaiTai - Kraken - Necklace - black @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! [Harshlands] Bident of the Deep (Mermaid) @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! Be My Mannequin? - Unseen World - Euphoria Pose @Chronicles & Legends


NEW! LOVE - FLOOR PEARLS @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! LOVE - KELP @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! LOVE - GLITTER MOONBEAM @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! LOVE - SEA HORSE @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! [CC] Tube Coral @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! open:air - shell (Hunt Item) @Chronicles & Legends

Chronicles & Legends Event: From Jan.15th - Feb.5th. - Deep Blue Sea: Pirates, Mermaids, Krakens & More.

sábado, 15 de enero de 2022

#427 - Empty Treasure!


MINA Hair - Elowen 

((Mister Razzor)) Bill Facial Hair

no.match_ ~ NO_HARM ~ goatie 


PFC~Dune rider sash

PFC~Atlas Pants


PFC~Hip Satchel


NEW! LORIEN - BAMBU FISHING ROD wpose @Chronicles & Legends

/BT/ father fishing Pose


NEW! - Dirty Rat - Skull Cliff @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! LORIEN - ABANDONED BOAT wposes @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! [Harshlands] Old Cargo @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! [Harshlands] Drunk Skeleton Pirate @Chronicles & Legends

NEW! ::Static:: Fishing Float Lamps @Chronicles & Legends

Chronicles & Legends Event:
From Jan.15th - Feb.5th. - Deep Blue Sea: Pirates, Mermaids, Krakens & More.

lunes, 10 de enero de 2022

#426 - Time To Pick Up This Decoration


NEW! .:Tm:.Creation - [Kisses of the deer] Holiday Shelf with Decors D09 @Shiny Shabby

NEW! .:Tm:.Creation - [The bench of decors] Holiday scene C23

.:Tm:.Creation - [Poinsettias in the log] Pot Plants GP46

.:Tm:.Creation - [Don't give up] ADT Pillows and Decors B37.a

Candy Crunchers - Fall - Fireplace

~The Green Door~ Poinsettia - Red

~The Green Door~ Holiday Star

~The Green Door~ Ceramic Holiday Tree

~The Green Door~ Reindeer Decor 

~*larnia*~ jolly wishes dishes - to all a good night board

[V/W] Betulla Wall Deco B&W

*AF* Cookie Swap 04 - Cookie Jars

TENTACIO - Sugar winter tea with books

24 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Book Bank Full

[PR] Twinkling Light Snowflake Curtains 

Apple Fall - West Village Althea Rug - Antique Floral

Apple Fall - Hetton Barn Conversion

sábado, 8 de enero de 2022

jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2021

#424 - Your Gift


NEW! .::4BIDDEN::. Kapaan Winter Onesie @ManCave


NEW! 08 - HERO - Christmas - Hat - @The Yuletide Market

WRONG - Bento Sit Static Male Poses -78.4


NEW! [Kres] Tree Toy Rack - Gold @FameshedX

NEW! [Kres] Winter Magic Cutouts -Holly & Bauble @Epiphany

NEW! .:Short Leash:. Santa's Chair & Rug

NEW! .:Short Leash:. Full Service Tray //  Champagne Version DECOR @The Liaison Collaborative

NEW! .:Short Leash:. Kinky Christmas Stocking // PRIDE Version GIFT @Pride At Home

.:Short Leash:. Gent's Essentials Tray // Decor Version

.:Short Leash:. BDSM Basics // Wax Play Version

NEW! 05 - HERO - Christmas - Christmas Wreaths @The Yuletide Market

.aisling. Candles /Gold/

~The Green Door~ Hoffman Cottage

domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2021

#423 - Enjoying the Snowy Days


Jinx : Centaur

Exile - Alternate Ideas Hair


NEW! Jinx - sweater and blanket for Centaur @We <3 Roleplay

NEW! Jinx : Xmas Texture HUD for Sweater & Blanket @We <3 Roleplay


:: ANTAYA :: Magic deer horns with HUD colors 


The Yuletide Market - A holiday market by BellaTECH

miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2021

#422 - Christmas Town



NEW! RAHRA - MINA skin @We <3 Roleplay

::Loa:: Christine Eyes 

Mama Klauss:

Truth - Shadow Hair



NEW! KS - MERRY CHRISTMAS - 10. Elf Shoes @Yuletide Market

NEW! KS - MERRY CHRISTMAS - 11. Elf Gloves @Yuletide Market

NEW! KS - MERRY CHRISTMAS - 12. Elf Corset @Yuletide Market

NEW! KS - MERRY CHRISTMAS - 13. Elf Skirt @Yuletide Market

NEW! KS - MERRY CHRISTMAS - 14. Elf Hat @Yuletide Market

Mama Klauss:

NEW! HERO - Christmass Dress - RARE @Yuletide Market

NEW! HERO - Christmass - Boots - RARE @Yuletide Market

NEW! HERO - Christmass - Top @Yuletide Market

Snowpaw - Traditional Santa hat



NEW! 10 SSP - Wonderful time of the Year 1 Pose @Yuletide Market

Mama Klauss:

Mewsery - DreamGirl [Bento] Pose 1a


NEW! [GIULIADESIGN]-XMAS ELF- 03 Santa Claus - RARE @Yuletide Market

NEW! [GIULIADESIGN]-XMAS ELF- 06 Reindeer - @Yuletide Market

NEW! [GIULIADESIGN]-XMAS ELF- 08 Christmas Tree - @Yuletide Market

NEW! [GIULIADESIGN]-XMAS ELF- 16 Snowmen Family - @Yuletide Market

NEW! [GIULIADESIGN]-XMAS ELF- 22 Platform Landscape - RARE @Yuletide Market

NEW! [GIULIADESIGN]-XMAS ELF- 23 Winter Trees - @Yuletide Market

NEW! Anastyle - Gnome from Scandinavia - White Tree Snowy @Yuletide Market

NEW! Anastyle - Gnome from Scandinavia - Snow Pine Tree @Yuletide Market

NEW! Anastyle - Gnome from Scandinavia - Spirit White Grass @Yuletide Market

NEW! Anastyle - Gnome from Scandinavia - Snowy Bushes @Yuletide Market

NEW! Anastyle - Gnome from Scandinavia - Xmas Gnome @Yuletide Market

NEW! Vulnus - The Nutcracker Sled @Yuletide Market

NEW! HERO - Christmas - White Mouse @Yuletide Market

NEW! .:Short Leash:. Santa's Sub Pole // DECOR TALL Version @Blanc

NEW! ~The Green Door~ Igloo

.:Tm:.Creation - [Dear Santa] ADT Mailbox with decors C20.a

.:Tm:.Creation - [Ho Ho Ho] Santa Sack with presents C21

.Tardfish. Magic Scroll - Evlin Scolar